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Exemplary data mining, analysis and warehousing systems

Business intelligence and reporting

Our solutions will help increase your staff productivity and support better decision making

Data analysis

Exemplary data mining, analysis and warehousing systems

Along with your people, your data is your business’s most important asset. So it goes without saying that your data warehousing, data mining and data analysis technology should be operating at peak efficiency. Datamatic Consulting has a proven track record of creating cutting edge data analytics, data collection and data storage systems that allow you to fully harness the power of your data.

Data warehousing

Your data warehouse is the cornerstone of your business intelligence development – you should entrust its design and maintenance to proven professionals. Datamatic Consulting’s expertise and experience in warehouse creation and development is second to none. Our advanced warehousing systems will not only help increase your staff productivity and support better decision making. They’ll also greatly improve your data integration service, and optimise information storage and retrieval for queries, reporting and analysis.
Pinnacle’s data warehousing services encompass complete solutions in:

  • Needs collation and analysis
  • Dimensional or Star Schema data modelling
  • Warehouse infrastructure and design
  • Warehouse amalgamation and augmentations

Business intelligence development

Datamatic have in-house business intelligence consultants with a vast array of experience in implementing leading BI software. These include Microsoft Business Intelligence, Oracle OBIEE and IBM Cognos. We’ve helped government agencies and private organisations alike with important data mining projects, enabling them to make some very critical decisions. We can offer you expert BI capability in customer profiling, market research, product profitability, statistical analysis, inventory and distribution analysis, and more.
Our business intelligence management services include:

  • BI architecture design and optimisation
  • BI strategic planning, assessment and roadmaps
  • Analytics reporting automation
  • Dashboard development
  • Data migration and integration
  • Regulatory requirements for reporting

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