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Your complete DBA

Database management services

Flexible database administration, maintenance and support

Database management services

Your complete DBA

If you’re sick of database alerts and hassles, you need the help and support of a specialist DBA, or database administrator. Datamatic Consulting’s data monitoring service will provide expert hosting, tuning and maintenance of your database, leaving you to get on with what matters – your core business. And our flexible, reasonably priced options mean that we can give you as much or as little database support as you need. You’ll only pay for what’s necessary to maintain optimum health of your database system.

Specialists in all major database technologies

We’re experts in all the leading databases, including MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SAP ASE, MongoDB,Couchbase, Apache Cassandra and Hive . And our ongoing maintenance and monitoring means that we can guarantee the performance and efficiency of your databases – including those for big data – no matter what your individual configuration and requirements.

Bonus: our database support professionals are all based in Australia – you’ll never have to put up with semi-unintelligible phone calls again.

Unbiased advice on choosing the right database

There are so many factors that go into choosing the best database for your particular business. And as an independent seller we’re perfectly placed to help.

Seamless database implementation and licensing

Our professionals will of course help you set up the database and choose the right license. We create your database design based on your application requirements, taking into consideration your special clustering, partition and replication needs.

Database Migration

Expert database migration and integration

Our highly experienced DBAs take the stress out of your database migration, partnering with you to devise meticulous strategies for even the most complex migration projects. Sharing our know-how with you every step of the way.

Long-term database efficiency means peace of mind

Datamatic Consulting’s world class remote database administration service is totally client-centred, so we custom tailor your data management support to suit your particular circumstances. Our database monitoring services include:

  • Daily checking
  • Health monitoring and bug fixing
  • Backup and recovery
  • Space organisation
  • Capacity projection
  • Patching
  • Security
  • Upgrades
  • Resource management
  • Data control
  • Database management
  • Performance management
  • Schema management
  • Problem control
  • Disaster recovery
  • Stability planning

You can use our service on a periodic or on-demand basis.

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